First Guidance Note to support countries in implementing the sign-up steps

BERLIN – 03 November 2017. The FiTI International Secretariat released today its first Guidance Note to support countries in implementing the FiTI Standard. The Guidance Note #01: “The sign-up steps for countries intending to implement the FiTI” provides guidance on how to complete the requirements set out in Part I, Section A of the FiTI Standard (the so-called “sign-up steps”).

The Guidance Note elaborates on the underlying objectives of each of the six sign-up steps and provides practical guidance on how to implement the requirements. The Guidance Note also provides minimum Terms of References for National Multi-Stakeholder Groups, including example clauses.

According to Sven Biermann, Director of the FiTI International Secretariat: “This Guidance Note is an important tool for supporting countries in their process of getting recognised as a FiTI Candidate country. It reflects the input and recommendations of fisheries and governance experts from all stakeholder groups and takes into account good practices and lessons learned from other multi-stakeholder transparency initiatives.”

The Guidance Note is available in English and in French.