FiTI Association

The FiTI will be institutionalized by a not-for-profit members’ association, called the “FiTI Assocation”, which is yet to be established. Through this legal entity, representatives from all over the world can become members of the FiTI. Members of the FiTI Association are personal representatives of a State, company, organisation, other legal entity or individual experts. The members of the FiTI Association are organised in the following three stakeholder groups:

  • Countries (implementing countries and supporting countries)
  • Business (including large-scale and small-scale fisheries and associations)
  • Civil Society Organisations (including non‐governmental organisations, global action networks or coalitions)

Each stakeholder group has the right to appoint its own members, in accordance with its own guidelines. In general, the membership is limited to one representative per organization.

Bodies of the FiTI Association

It is envisioned that the FiTI Association comprises of three permanent institutional bodies:

  • The FiTI Members’ Meeting: All members of the FiTI Association meet regularly during “Members’ Meetings”, at least every three years. The FiTI Members’ Meeting is the governing body of the FiTI Assocation. Its main tasks include, inter alia, the approval of the activity report, accounts and activity plan of the FiTI International Board, as well as the election of the FiTI International Board Members (and Alternates) and its Chair.
  • The FiTI International Board: The FiTI International Board is the executive body of the FiTI Association. Board Members are elected at the FiTI Members’ Meetings by all members of the FiTI Association. Between FiTI Members’ Meetings, the FiTI International Board oversees the activities of the FiTI through regular Board meetings, committee meetings and more frequent Board circulars. The FiTI International Board is represented by the FiTI Chair.
  • The FiTI International Secretariat: The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day running of the FiTI Association. It provides the technical and administrative support to the FiTI International Board, which determines its operational and strategic priorities. It is led by the Director of the Secretariat who reports to the FiTI International Board through the FiTI Chair.

The establishment of the FiTI Association is one of the main mid-term objectives of the implementation phase (2017-2020).