FiTI International Board

The FiTI International Board is the executive body of the FiTI Association. The FiTI International Board oversees the activities of the FiTI through regular Board meetings, committee meetings and more frequent Board circulars. The FiTI International Board is represented by the FiTI Chair.

Board Members are elected at the FiTI Members’ Meetings by all members of the FiTI Association. The FiTI International Board shall reflect a multi-stalekeholder composition. The number of members of the FiTI International Board shall not exceed 18 and shall be equally distributed amongst representatives of the three stakeholder groups:

  • Governments: a total of six representatives, including governments from implementing countries and supporting countries;
  • Business: a total of six fisheries industry representatives, including large-scale fisheries companies/associations and small-scale fishers/fisheries associations;
  • Civil Society Organizations: a total of six representatives, including international Civil Society Organizations and national/regional CSOs.

Each Board Member – except the Chair – may have an Alternate, who is welcome to observe meetings and substitutes for the Board Member in case of absence of the Board Member.

1st FiTI International Board

The 1st FiTI International Board has been formally established during the 2nd FiTI International Conference, which took place in Bali on 27 April 2017, hosted by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. To ensure stability and knowledge transfer during the transition from the conceptual phase to the implementation phase of the FiTI, it was agreed by the former FiTI International Advisory Group that the 1st FiTI International Board would be primarily recruited amongst the representatives of the FiTI International Advisory Group. This pragmatic approach allows sufficient time until all the parameters are in place to ensure a formal election of Board members.

Chair of the FiTI International Board

Mr. Peter Eigen, Founder, Transparency International

Country representatives

Dr. Mamadou Goudiaby, Directeur des Pêches Maritimes, Ministère de la Pêche et de l’Economie Maritime, Republic of Senegal

Ms. Ylva Mattsson, Senior Analyst, International Affairs, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Mr. Philippe Michaud, Special Advisor to the Blue Economy, Republic of the Seychelles

Mr. Mas Achmad Santosa, Coordinator of Special Advisors of Presidential Task Force to Combat Illegal Fishing and Minister’s Advisor on Fisheries Law, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia // Currently suspended

Mr. Mohamed Salem Nany, Director General of Public Investments and Economic Cooperation at Ministry of Economy and Finance, Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Business representatives

Mr. Alexander Biryukov, President, Association of Russian Ship-owners in West Africa

Mr. Francisco Leotte, Group Seafood Sustainability Technical Manager, Thai Union Europe

Mr. Gaoussou Gueye, President, African Confederation of Artisanal Fisheries Professional Organizations (CAOPA)

Mr. Martin Hadiwinata, Head of Law Development and Fisherfolk Advocacy, Traditional Fisherfolk Union of Indonesia (KNTI)

Civil Society representatives

Ms. María José Cornax, Policy and Advocacy Director, Oceana

Mr. Sebastián Losada, Oceans policy adviser, Greenpeace

Mr. Francisco J. Marí, Bread for the World

Ms. Nedwa Nech, President, Mauritanie2000

Mr. Alfred Schumm, Director Fisheries and Deputy Lead Oceans, WWF International

Mr. Eduardo Rolón, Executive Director, Causa Natura

Alternate: Mr. Barthelemy Jean Auguste Batieno, Partnership and Operations Coordinator, West Africa Regional Partnership for Coastal and Marine Conservation (PRCM)


Representatives from intergovernmental organizations, regional development banks, development agencies, and other relevant organizations may be invited by the FiTI International Board to attend FiTI Board meetings as observers, when this can be practically accommodated.

Observers shall not represent members of the FiTI Assocation and hence, do not have any voting rights but may be invited by the FiTI International Board to express their views on specific policy and implementation matters. The FiTI International Board may decide that certain matters should be discussed without the presence of Observers.

FiTI International Board meetings

Report of the 1st meeting of the FiTI International Board:  (EN) (FR)
Report of the 2nd meeting of the FiTI International Board: (EN) (FR)
Report of the 3rd meeting of the FiTI International Board: (EN)

2018 Workplan of the FiTI International Secretariat as approved by the FiTI International Board: (EN) (FR)

Report of the 4th meeting of the FiTI International Board: (EN)
Report of the 5th meeting of the FiTI International Board: (EN)

Mauritania’s original FiTI Candidate Application: (FR)

Correspondence of the President of the FiTI International Board to the Minister of Economy and Finances of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania(Translation EN)

Report of the 6th meeting of the FiTI International Board: (EN) (FR)