Sign-up steps

Countries intending to implement the FiTI must initiate the process by completing six sign-up steps, as listed in Part I, Section A of the FiTI Standard (Requirements A.1 – A.6).

FiTI sign-up steps

STEP 1: Public Commitment (FiTI Standard section A.1)


STEP 2: Enabling Environment for Stakeholder Participation (FiTI Standard section A.2)


STEP 3: FiTI Lead Ministry and FiTI National Lead (FiTI Standard section A.3)


STEP 4: FiTI National Multi-Stakeholder Group (FiTI Standard section A.4)


STEP 5: FiTI National Secretariat (FiTI Standard section A.5)


STEP 6: Workplan (FiTI Standard section A.6)

FiTI National Multi-Stakeholder Group

The FiTI is implemented in countries through National Multi-Stakeholder Groups, consisting of representatives from government, business and organised civil society. These groups make decisions on how the FiTI is implemented in their countries.

They must also work collectively to assess whether information in the public domain is perceived as accessible and complete and make recommendations on how to improve information published by national authorities.

Guidance Note #1 – Implementing the sign-up steps

The FiTI International Secretariat has prepared a Guidance Note for the benefit of countries intending to implement the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI). This Guidance Note provides practical guidance to countries intending to implement the FiTI on how to complete the requirements set out in Part I, Section A of the FiTI Standard.

This Guidance Note states the objectives of each of these requirements (what needs to be achieved). These objectives are then further elaborated with short descriptions on their purpose and relevance.

Countries are free to choose different implementation activities to reach the objectives of each FiTI Requirement. This Guidance Note supports countries in doing so by providing guidance on how to implement the FiTI Requirements in practice.

When the country has completed these requirements and wishes to be recognised as a FiTI Candidate, the government must – with the approval of the National MSG – submit a FiTI Candidate Application to the FiTI International Board.