Déclarations de Soutien à la FiTI

Kofi Annan

« Renforcer la transparence dans la gestion des ressources halieutiques est un enjeu majeur pour la Mauritanie, où le secteur de la pêche est un moteur essentiel pour l’emploi et l’économie. Ne pas s’attaquer au manque de transparence du secteur, c’est compromettre la capacité des générations futures à continuer de profiter de ces ressources.

C’est ce constat qui a motivé mon appel, il y a 2 ans déjà, à la création d’une initiative de transparence pour la pêche. La FiTI est un espoir auquel la Mauritanie croit et auquel elle continue d’être fermement engagée. Il en va de la pérennité de nos ressources. »

Son Excellence Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Président de la République Islamique de Mauritanie

Kofi Annan

« In Africa and around the world, fisheries play a crucial role in supporting livelihoods, providing employment and driving social economic development. However, the future of the world’s fisheries is seriously threatened and this global challenge is far greater than any country can handle on its own.

The Fisheries Transparency Initiative, with transparency and participation as its cornerstones, makes an invaluable contribution to safeguard what is amongst the most vital resources on the planet. »

Kofi Annan, Chair of the Africa Progress Panel, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Marco Lambertini

« The time has come to shine a light on fishing activities, and to end overfishing, destructive, illegal and unreported fishing that threatens livelihoods and food security of hundreds of millions of people. Transparency and public access to information is fundamental to the responsible management and sustainable use of our oceans on which our own long-term survival depends.

WWF is committed to support the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) with its satellite and traceability technologies. »

Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International

Erik Solheim

« Fisheries are the lifeblood of communities and economies the world over. They are also vital to maintaining the ecological balance of the oceans. But the threat they face from overfishing, ecosystem damage and climate change is global as well. That is why it is important we see these critical sources of jobs, food, and trade managed both sustainably and transparently. »

Erik Solheim, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Pascal Lamy

« For too long, we’ve been exploiting our resources beyond sustainable levels. We must act quickly to reverse this trend and help our oceans regenerate. But this can only be achieved if governments, businesses and civil society work together and if more information on fisheries is available in the public domain.

The Fisheries Transparency Initiative, with its build-in multi-stakeholder orientation, is a unique effort to enhance the public availability of credible information for the benefit of a more sustainable management of marine fisheries. »

Pascal Lamy, Former Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Sidi Ould Tah

« Transparency and participation are key elements of good governance. Through the FiTI, countries can not only demonstrate a clear commitment to good governance for responsible fisheries. It can also improve a country’s investment climate. »

Sidi Ould Tah, Director General of the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA)

José Carlos Ugaz

« Transparency is about shedding light on rules, plans, processes and actions. It is knowing why, how, what, and how much. And it means that the general public can hold the relevant actors accountable.

By making fisheries management more transparent and inclusive, the Fisheries Transparency Initiative (FiTI) is an important endeavor for guarding integrity in the fisheries sector and to help increase trust in the people and institutions on which our future depends. Increasing transparency is key for the reduction of corruption in a sector that has significant impact in the alleviation of poverty around the world. »

José Carlos Ugaz, Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International (TI)

Abdelouahed Benabbou

« En complément des autres efforts majeurs, la FITI constitue une opportunité singulière visant l’amélioration de la transparence et de la participation dans la gouvernance internationale des pêches et des océans.

La COMHAFAT, organisation intergouvernementale africaine de coopération halieutique, s’associe pleinement à cette démarche globale et volontariste en assurant la promotion de ses principes et objectifs. »

Abdelouahed Benabbou, Secrétaire Exécutif de la Conférence Ministérielle sur la Coopération Halieutique entre les Etats Africains Riverains de l’Océan Atlantique (COMHAFAT)

Bunny McDiarmid

« For our oceans to remain alive providing food and livelihoods for millions of people, and playing a critical role in stabilizing our climate, we need a radical transformation of fishing practices.

This won’t happen if the current web of secrecy around fisheries is maintained. We need transparency to ensure all involved have the information, the knowledge and the trust needed to ensure the oceans can continue to provide food and livelihoods for generations to come. »

Bunny McDiarmid, Executive Director Greenpeace International