Greenpeace contributes to developing the FiTI Standard with set of recommendations

For years now, the ships of Greenpeace have been sailing the seas to expose the destructive fishing practices of large industrial fishing vessels and to promote a more sustainable use of our oceans.

Joal, June 08, 2013 - Greenpeace Africa and the artisanal fishermen of Joal, a Senegalese fishing village, celebrate World Oceans Day as a symbol of hope and responsibility.

Photo Credits @Greenpeace


For the NGO, too, the lack of transparency which surrounds the fisheries sector is a major loophole which enables these unsustainable fishing practices.


Since the beginning of the conceptual phase, Greenpeace actively participated in all International Advisory Group meetings of the FiTI, supporting the development of a coherent framework for more transparency and participation in fisheries.


To contribute to the development of transparency elements regarding access to marine fisheries, Greenpeace provided recommendations to the FiTI Secretariat. These recommendations will be used in the ongoing discussions of the FiTI’s dedicated Working Groups and of the International Advisory Group.

The recommendations can be downloaded here.