Guiding Documents

Terms of Reference of the FiTI International Board

The purpose of the Terms of Reference (ToRs) is to define the purpose, structure and operational procedures of the FiTI International Board.

The Terms of Reference are available in English and in French.

Global Code of Conduct

The reputation of the FiTI as an initiative promoting good governance in fisheries, in particular transparency, participation and accountability, is one of its greatest assets. Activities in implementing countries as well as its international governance play an important role in creating and maintaining this reputation.

The purpose of the FiTI Global Code of Conduct is to prevent situations which could compromise FiTI’s national and international reputation, setting out norms of conduct which are expected of those involved in the FiTI.

The Global Code of Conduct is available in English and French.

Global Travel Policy

As a global voluntary initiative which relies significantly on third-party funding, the FiTI has a responsibility to ensure that expenditures incurred in carrying out its mission are reasonable and justifiable, balancing the need to attend meetings/events with its commitment to a reasonable use of resources.

The purpose of this FiTI Global Travel Policy is to describe the types of expenditures that are reimbursable by applicable travellers and to outline adequate instructions and procedures for those seeking reimbursement of their travel costs for FiTI-related travels.

The FiTI Global Travel Policy was adopted by the FiTI International Board during the 3rd FiTI International Board meeting (Decision ID [BM-03_2018_D-05])

The FiTI Global Travel Policy is currently available in English and in French.