Long Distance Advisory Council provides Advice on the FiTI

Since the beginning of the conceptual phase of the Fisheries Transparency Initiative, the EU Long Distance Advisory Council (LDAC) has played an active role within the International Advisory Group of the FiTI, providing regular input to develop the global FiTI Standard.

For the European fishing businesses and other groups of interest (including environmental and cooperation-for-development NGOs) represented within the Council, the FiTI and the transparency in fisheries management and governance it promotes are key to support sustainable fishing activities. According to the LDAC, it is also key to increase the level of information regarding the content of public and private agreements in coastal countries implementing the FiTI. This will ultimately contribute to deter, fight and eliminate IUU fishing in line with European and International Law provisions.

The LDAC has welcomed the involvement of the European Commission in the FiTI, an initiative in which the issues at stake are twofold for the EU: “Not only has the EU Commission the potential to play a significant role in supporting countries to meet their efforts towards enhanced fisheries transparency, but the EU would also benefit a lot from the initiative. Strengthened levels of openness and accountability through the FiTI will contribute to level the playing field with foreign fleets in favour of EU fisheries stakeholders, who are already committed to the transparency the FiTI calls for”, said Alexandre Rodríguez, Secretary General of the LDAC.

Shortly before the 5th and last Advisory Group meeting of the FiTI, which took place on 9 November 2016 in Gothenburg/Sweden, the LDAC released its Advice regarding the Fisheries Transparency Initiative, which can be downloaded here.

General Assembly LDAC

General Assembly LDAC