Taking Stock – Public Disclosure of Fisheries Management Information

Enhancing transparency in fisheries management appeals to all stakeholders that appreciate the enormous value of marine fisheries – whether that is food and nutrition security, employment, the value to national economies, or the cultural significance of fishing. Promoting these positive features of fisheries lies at the heart of the FiTI.

In supporting countries to start this transformative journey in enhancing the availability and comprehensibility of fisheries management information, the FiTI has launched a new programme in 2020: Taking Stock – Public Disclosure of Fisheries Management Information.

  • The assessment analysis whether national (federal) information is published online by national authorities on their own websites.
  • What is assessed? Based on 12 thematic areas, as set out in the FiTI Standard, the assessment covers 35 transparency elements regarding a country’s marine capture fishery.
  • How is it assessed? Transparency elements are assessed against a number of qualitative disclosure criteria, including whether information is freely available online and meets basic requirements.
  • The assessment results will be summarized in a visualised report, which is accessible to the wider public. National authorities will have the option to comment on initial findings prior to the publication of the results.

These assessment will provide public authorities and interested stakeholders with a a general understanding of what information is already available and accessible in the public domain and where enhancement opportunity exists. The result will also provide a credible benchmark to demonstrate improvement over time.