Stakeholders in Senegal discuss roadmap for FiTI implementation

DAKAR – 20 March 2019. In order to raise awareness about the FiTI in Senegal and to discuss a roadmap for submitting the Candidate Application by end of 2019,a meeting was organized at the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy (MPEM), chaired by Dr. Mamadou Goudiaby, Director of Maritime Fisheries (DPM) and member of the FiTI International Board.

In total, 20 participants attended the meeting, including several representatives of MPEM, fisher’s organizations, civil society organisations.  Mr. Moussa Mbengue, Excutive Secretary of the West African Association for the development of Artisanal Fisheries (WADAF) was also participating. The FiTI International Secretariat was represented by Mr. Mansour NDOUR, newly appointed FiTI Regional Coordinator for West Africa.

The main purpose of the meeting was to understand the goal, mission and benefits of the FiTI for all relevant stakeholders in Senegal, in order to prepare the country properly for its candidate application to the FiTI International Board. First, a presentation led by Mr. Sidya DIOUF, Deputy Director of Maritime Fisheries, allowed participants to understand the context of the establishment of the FiTI, its objectives, principles and requirements. Afterwards, all participants had the opportunity to ask questions, in order to clarify any open aspects or misunderstandings.

The meeting concluded with a strong commitment from all participants to contribute adequately and be involved in a successful application process of Senegal.