Working Groups develop concrete recommendations for 4th Advisory Group meeting

BERLIN, 22-23 April 2016. At the 3rd meeting of the FiTI International Advisory Group, a provisional list of mandatory reporting elements was agreed on. This distinguished between reporting elements applicable to the large-scale sector and reporting elements applicable to the small-scale sector. However, it was understood that these provisional lists of reporting elements were incomplete and that additional work was required to develop them further.


During a 2-Day Technical Workshop hosted by the International Secretariat of the FiTI in Berlin, experts from the two FiTI Working Groups came together to develop concrete recommendations on those reporting elements. The discussions primarily focused on the reporting elements for large-scale and small-scale fisheries as well as on the contextual information. The experts also discussed the process of the FiTI reporting as well as the dissemination of information was discussed.


The recommendations and discussions from this 2-Day Workshop were summarized in the Preparatory Document for the 5th International Advisory Group meeting, which took place on June 15th 2016 in Madrid, kindly hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain.


Technical Working Group meeting