Nigeria signs Letter of Intent to become a FiTI Country

ABUJA – 23 January. At the occasion of the 3rd meeting of the FiTI International Board, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, Honourable Minister of State, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria, conveyed the intention of Nigeria to implement the FiTI. In a letter addressed to the FiTI Chair Peter Eigen, the Minister underlined the efforts of Nigeria to ensure good and effective governance in Nigeria and how the FiTI fits with the measures in place.

With its 853 km of coastline, enhanced transparency and participation will support a more sustainable management of fisheries resources in Nigeria, in line with the objectives of the government to enhance transparency in the use of public resources.

After approval from the President H.E. Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria is planning to engage in the sign-up steps process to submit an official application to become a FiTI Candidate in due course.